announced on Wednesday a return to dance music, selling out an open-to-close event at the Galvainizer SWG3 in just 2 minutes, crashing the Resident Advisor website in the process. Insane. Crashed Resident Advisor RA Website Open to Close Galvanizer Event

What to expect?

The night is to be hosted by CONCEPT, formally known as iNCEPT an international club night born in 2015. It’s hard not to understate the level of commitment shown by the team and the effort that goes into visuals, lighting, sound & production in developing a truly unique experience with all the bells and whistles., Open to Close, SWG3, Photography Michael Hunter
(Photography by Michael Hunter)

Clubbers and music fans around the globe eagerly await a return to reality and with daily cases of COVID-19 falling and the UK population closing in on 50% of first time vaccinations there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Not all who queued copped a ticket and with capacity already tight, it begs the question will we see a second date announced? Speaking with Fraz at the OVOSI HQ he had this to say:, Crashed, Resident Advisor, Sold Out, SWG3, Event, Glasgow, Scotland,

"After last years Galvanizer party sold out in 46 hours, I knew this party was going to be in big demand as it picked up a huge response on social media.

The overall concept with the no-camera policy, special light installation and relaxed dress code was a great success as well - but the week prior to announcing I did not expect a response even close to this.

Five minutes before tickets went on sale, the event views had went up by 16,000 and I was on the phone to the manager at SWG3 and saying "no way man, surely that can't be right!".

Within two minutes, the full RA website had crashed with thousands of people trying to purchase at once. With SWG3 having 40% of the allocation on there ticket outlet, this was well over 5x the available allocation getting purchased in the first minute."

Will there be a second date?

"I would love to make it possible for everyone that really wanted a ticket and missed out, especially some regulars who have been part of the journey from the start. Let's see .."

This is a celebration of a momentous occasion and a congratulations to all who secured that golden ticket.

See you on the dance floor and as always Join the Journey.

Aaron Eadie
Creative Director