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In Conversation: Frazier
Fresh-faced and continuously intriguing DJ and producer Frazier has taken not only his local Scottish scene by storm, but has also gained the attention of internationally renowned acts, with his techno prowess gaining his polished productions play on dancefloors all over from the likes of Sam Paganini, Adam Beyer, Pan-Pot and more.
A resident of Edinburgh-based brand Night Vision, Frazier takes a slot at this year’s Easter edition of Terminal V, also hosting the likes of Green Velvet, Helena Hauff, Maceo Plex, Objekt, Derrick Carter, Patrick Topping and more at Edinburgh’s Royal Highland Centre on Saturday 20th April. We joined a conversation with the Glaswegian act and picked his brains..

As a Night Vision resident, tell us a bit about the clubbing brand’s ethos and what it means to you?

I think it’s clear that Nightvision have made a massive impact on the scene in Scotland, they have been booking fresh underground acts and they appeal to a wide audience which is important in this day & age. Being a resident for them as been amazing for me, I have a close relationship with the team and they fully understand my ‘vision’, which of course is in the brand name itself :)

Tell us a little about the atmosphere of a Night Vision event?

The first time I played for them was actually Terminal V Festival, which was an opening set in the Main Arena. Right from my first track there was people barging in, dying to get as close to the sound system as possible and start the party. My first time playing at Liquid Rooms was incredible, the atmosphere was electric! I played after Dense & Pika so the dance floor was already packed, and I can still remember clearly the whistles & roars when I dropped my first tune, haha!

What’s the best thing - in your opinion - about Scotland’s scene right now?

I’d say people are a lot more engaged in the music, and people are very loyal to their favourite acts. But I think everyone would agree one of the best things about Scotland’s scene is the Tweets on the lead up to or after an event haha. European artists don’t quite understand it which makes it even funnier!

You’ve got quite an impressive list of acts keen to showcase your work, with the likes of Pan-Pot, Adam Beyer and Joseph Capriati to name a few, was there anyone in particular that made you feel a little starstruck or in awe?

Anytime my music is played by acts at that level I guess i’m pretty starstruck, its honestly such a surreal feeling that’s hard to explain. I’ll never get over the night Joseph Capriati played my very first techno track ‘Layer Cake’ in Amnesia when I was in the crowd with a big group of mates, I made that track when I was nineteen years old and didn’t think for a minute i’d hear another DJ play it, especially not Capriati!

You’ve also released tracks on a number of iconic imprints, including Carl Cox’s Intec and Pan-Pot’s Second State, is there a dream label you’d like to release on?

I did always have the dream to release on Drumcode, so I would always send Adam (Beyer) my new music. From personal experience, there isn’t a better label to work with than Second State. The team they have is so professional, and down to every detail like artwork, promo campaign’s, label showcases, everything is just so efficient!

You’re playing at Terminal V: The Rising later this year, how do these parties usually go down?

Start to finish people are there for the party, the main arena goes from 500 people to thousands within an hour! There is always a perfect balance between underground techno & music suited for a big capacity which is essential I think!

With a lineup that features Green Velvet, Helena Hauff, Patrick Topping, Maceo Plex and more, is there anybody you’re particularly looking forward to catching at The Rising?

The line up is incredible, it could compete with some top festivals in Europe! The last time Helena Hauff played she was unreal, so i’m looking forward to hearing what she has on offer. Chris Liebing and Richie Hawtin always put on a special performance as well, as they play with quite a futuristic set up!

You’ve been in the studio for a bit of time recently, does this mean some new releases in the near future? Any details you can share just yet?

I’ve been pretty busy in the studio, sitting on quite a lot of tracks atm. I have a four track EP on my label Elementra out at the end of this month, EP on Sleaze Records early March & piecing together the final tracks for my fourth release on Second State :)

What else does 2019 have in store for you?

I have some great shows in Scotland lined up, i’ll be back in Berlin in March and looks like i’ll be doing another Asia Tour in May which i’m really happy about!

We always end our interviews on a track, what’s your go-to closer for a really huge party?

Ohh that’s a tricky question… For a special ending track I like to drop New Order - Blue Monday. I’m inspired by 80’s dance music & this tune is an anthem!!


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