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Q&A with Max Baird

January, 21 2019

Today I sat down with our very own Max Baird for a rapid fire Q&A. Max is our design apprentice and has become a key team player at Ovosi.

How did you start at Ovosi?

“Back in 2015, I had noticed there was a new store opening and thought I’d check it out, ended up going back forth with some messages and offered to help out and get the new stock put up in-store. The rest is history.”

Favourite trainers?

“Well I would say the Yeezy 500 in utility black, they’re versatile and pair up nicely with everything. As far as my grail trainers, got to be the Adidas 40 FutureCraft.”

Tell me about Maximum Customs

“It’s a side project I’ve been working on. I had the thought of breathing some new life into my trainer collection, I had started posting the before and after results online and got some positive feedback. It then snowballed into the idea of a sneaker laundry. Your CS2’s cleaned up nicely!”

Last song you’ve played

Drake –passionfruit and Flo Mac – Dog Days

Fashion or football?

I think everyone who knows me knows that I love both but it has to be fashion. It’s something I’m passionate about and would hope to learn as much as I can.”

Your top 3 Ovosi products?

“The ¼ zip mesh reflective, the SS16 Ice overshirt and the steel series goose-down I’m wearing just now.”

Artist you'd most like to see?

“I've actually yet to see Frazier live! Maybe keep that for a birthday gig. Would also like to see carl cox, his set at Chateau de Chambord is class.”

Most memorable time at Ovosi?

“The shape project. I had been tinkering with some ideas of my own made possible by having the right access to the press’s and printers used to make Ovosi, so thought of an idea we could collaborate on. Seeing everyone wearing something I made was a great feeling. Maybe a 3.0 in the future.”

Thank you max! Next week you can take a look at some behind the scenes footage from our latest photoshoot.

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